How I Work

“Every bad feeling is a potential energy toward a more right way of being if you just give it the space to move toward its rightness.”

-Eugene Gendlin

I firmly believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship for deep healing and profound growth. I pay very close attention to my clients and tune into their experiences carefully. Through a moment-to-moment, experiential and client-centered approach, I develop a close connection and collaborative partnership with my clients. Together, in a safe, compassionate and supportive space, we explore the thoughts, feelings, issues and patterns that arise. I promote a warm, contained space while clients allow discoveries to emerge in a safe way.

This unique, trusting relationship allows for deep connection and engagement. Through connection, it becomes possible to meet the relational needs that we all must have met in order to thrive within ourselves, in our relationships and the world. When we truly connect and feel safe with another, we can become more aware of and access feelings of connection and safety within ourselves. We become able to work from the inside out and elicit change on a deep level. Internal change will gradually, yet inevitably, lead to shifts in our external experience.

The cornerstone approach to my practice is “focusing.” This practice can be applied to most any situation and help anybody. Focusing allows you to access a “felt sense.” By learning how to pay attention through focusing, you can better understand and access the healing potential within. Focusing allows you to create a communication with yourself in a different, deeper and more meaningful kind of way. Cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself allows you to become more attuned to the intuition that can help you find healing.

As a part of focusing, clients naturally become more curious about who they are. A shift to curiosity about the self can alleviate the painful self-judgment that we all carry. Too often, judgment puts us between a rock and a hard place, with nowhere to move. Alternatively, an attitude of self-acceptance and wonderment about ourselves opens up expansive thoughts and feelings while allowing new things in our lives to emerge.

Whether you are struggling in a relationship or with depression, anxiety, trauma or a life transition, increased self-awareness and a shift in attitude can elicit growth and transform the healing process into an exciting and expansive experience. As we begin our work together and implement strategies and solutions to provide relief, you can uncover a sense of hope. Hope is a powerful force. It inspires and motivates us to change. As we continue our work together and build a strong partnership, we’ll build on this hope as you get to know yourself better, develop an understanding of the aliveness in every moment and move into a place of healing. Through this hopeful process of healing, you may find that you are beginning to live in a more vividly alive and connected way.

In addition to meeting you where you are emotionally, I can also make sure that I meet you at times that fit your schedule. I offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments. We can also engage in sessions via phone if travel or other obligations make in-office sessions a challenge.

If you’re ready for relief, have the desire to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and want to make meaningful changes in your life, I offer a free initial session, only to be charged for if we choose to continue working together.