Life Transitions Counseling Upper West Side

Are You Seeking Clarity As You Navigate A New Path?

Are you experiencing a significant life transition – such as a divorce, move, career shift or new baby – and feeling overwhelmed by the change? Or, alternatively, are you feeling emotionally or physically stuck in your current life situation and longing for a new direction? Are you concerned about how your transition will affect finances, relationships and long-term life goals? Have you been feeling misunderstood, isolated or frustrated with others – especially if the people closest to you are not supportive of your new choices? Do you wonder if you’re being too hard on yourself or worry that you’re making all the wrong choices? Has the stress of change manifested itself physically – in that, have you experienced sleep disturbances, weight loss or gain, aches and pains or dramatic shifts in energy levels? Is it difficult for you to concentrate and complete tasks? Do you constantly wonder if you’re on the right path, or if your current or sought after transition will end with failure?

Whether you’re in the midst of a life transition or are longing for a shift in life direction and purpose, navigating change and the emotions it creates can be a daunting experience.

It’s Normal To Experience Turmoil In Transition

woman looking into cameraLife is full of change and everyone, at some point, encounters at least one significant life transition that presents potential, life-changing opportunity under the guise of scary challenge. Experiencing transition is like being a trapeze artist, suspended in air, unsure if the hands needed to meet yours will appear – or if the safety net, meant to catch your fall, is in place or strong enough to withstand impact. We all go through periods like this – when uncertainty rules our thoughts and emotions and we’re forced to take inventory of ourselves and the lives we’ve created.

What’s important, however, is how you view and move through these transitions. It’s common to get stuck – which is likely what you’re experiencing now. It’s tricky to learn how to navigate stumbling blocks and develop ways to reside in a transitionary space that feels manageable. While it’s inevitable that transitions will be carved into your life experience, how you pass through that tricky terrain is not set or stagnant. And, often, transition manifests when it’s most needed – although, not necessarily welcomed. But, every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

In therapy, you can identify and address your challenges and find a shift in perception. With support, you can learn to navigate the blocks and uncertainties that keep many people stuck and move into a place of clarity and empowerment.

Therapy Can Help You Process Transition With Confidence and Grace

The therapeutic environment – even the physical space of the room itself – is unlike any other you encounter in life. It’s an intimate setting where, together, we will build trust and a safe connection. I view the therapeutic relationship as a partnership, and my role is to genuinely hear, support and guide you as you sift and sort through your transition experience. As you explore transition and the emotions it creates, we will work on increasing your self-awareness and acceptance.

My clients find my approach unique. In some sessions, we will slow everything down and focus on the intuitions andnuances that exist within you but are rarely given the opportunity to surface. Allowing those tugs of intuition to emerge can be a powerful catalyst to develop a deeper understanding of who 

you are. It can call attention to how all the different parts of your self can or do integrate into a whole being. Bringing the unconscious into the conscious can yield eye-opening breakthroughs. It can 

dramatically increase your self-awareness and awaken and connect all your important pieces – leading to a fuller, more connected and healthier you.

The nature of your therapeutic experience will be highly individualized. Together, we will explore ways to approach and talk through painful issues. I will meet you where you are emotionally, and our therapeutic relationship will evolve and grow as you do.

With thoughtful and guided self-exploration, you can feel happier, lighter and more empowered to manage your current transition. Our work will also help you to be better equipped to handle future change with more grace and ease. In time, you can experience a shift in perspective as your eyes adjust to a more expansive lens.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I am open to therapy and need help figuring out how to integrate change into my life. But, I’m not sure that I can afford it.

Therapy is an investment. You are investing in yourself and your happiness. Take a moment and ask yourself how you want to be in the world and how you want your relationship with yourself and others to be. Do you want to move through life transitions with more clarity and ease? Are you there? If not, it is possible to get there, but it will require an investment of money, along with time, energy and exploratory work.

I encourage you to take inventory of your monthly income and expenses. There may be simple budget shifts that you can make to cover therapy costs.

Also, I do not work with a contract. You can take sessions one at a time. It’s part of my practice to regularly check-in with you about how you feel about the progress of the work we’re doing together. If at anytime you decide that you are not deriving benefit from therapy, you are under no obligation – financial or otherwise – to continue.

I’m afraid of what I might learn about myself in therapy. I’m feeling like I’m already teetering on the edge and fear that therapy will shed light on all that’s wrong and make everything worse.

First, it’s extraordinarily brave to seek change and recognize that there might be other, better and healthier ways of doing things. And, yes, therapy might be scary at first. But, the important piece is that you are not doing the work alone.

It is my role to support you, hear you, see you and hold a space where you can face painful feelings in a way that is far less daunting than you may now think. We often imagine things as being far worse than they actually are or will be.

monarch butterflyI will walk with you through your therapeutic process. I will help point things out and clarify important pieces along the way. And, I will set a comfortable pace with you so you don’t feel overwhelmed. In time, therapy can stop feeling scary and, rather, fill you with a sense of empowerment and curiosity.

I’m concerned that my close friends and family will think that something is really wrong with me if I chose therapy. Shouldn’t I be able to handle a transition on my own?

We’re not meant to live our lives alone – that’s not how humans are built. We are meant to live in communities and engage in relationships with others. And, there are many variations of relationship – including the one that you may chose to develop with me. The therapeutic relationship offers benefits not often found in other places. This relationship is not lived in the outside world but, rather, in a private environment where it evolves at its own pace, in its own time. In therapy, there is no judgment and complete confidentiality. For many people, that offers tremendous relief and creates space for remarkable personal growth.

This relationship exists exclusively between you and me until you are comfortable sharing it with others. In time, you may discover that your perception of therapy has shifted, and you may experience a desire and not a pressure to share your process and discoveries with those close to you. At any time, you can choose to invite a parent or partner into a session. We can discuss and practice ways that you can share this experience with others in ways that feel comfortable for you.

This is your experience and it is my role to support you – in any way I can – while you explore yourself and move through your transition.

I invite you to contact me and schedule a free, initial session. It’s imperative that you find the appropriate therapist to work with as you embark upon this challenging and exciting self-exploration. Meeting will help both of us to determine if our personalities and styles work well together.