Counseling and Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression and Relationships in New York

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“I believe that one must finally take hold of one’s life.”

                                                                     Arthur Miller


We have all experienced fear, anxiety, a  sense of feeling lost, hopeless or helpless as to where or how to move.  You can feel stuck or shut down.  But somewhere deep inside is an inner longing to feel better and move forward into life.

Each one of us is made up of many parts.  Some we may consider  ‘dark’, others ‘light’.  And still others may fall in the space between these two.  Trying to rid ourselves of these darker parts never leads us to find light.  Attempting to cut them away or separate ourselves from them never seems effective.  But by inviting in all of these parts of which we are comprised, by welcoming them and shining a gentle light on them with an attitude of openness, and non judgment we get to know them differently.  And by knowing them with compassion comes the movement in the direction of self love and a sense of wholeness.

You might say that therapy is a way of taking hold of your life.  You create a new kind of attitude towards self exploration and self awareness.  An attitude of excitement for all there is to know, of empathy for the hurt and pain, of love for the truth of ourselves and of possibility for all there is to emerge from within as we move along on this journey.

Rutie Havazelet, LCSW serves individuals in the following communities: New York metropolitan area including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and Long Island.

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