Supervision for Therapists Upper West Side

Supervision is one of the most central and delicate elements of becoming a good therapist. I provide supervision (for both social workers and psychologists) that offers an open and broad view, integrating various approaches. Close attention is given to the professional development of each practitioner.

Individual Supervision:
Individual supervision is where our relationship takes center stage.  I listen to all the nuances of what you say and how you say it.  We share ideas and I guide you in sharpening your listening skills to both yourself and your client.  You learn to know yourself better and therefore are better able to help your clients.  I incorporate various approaches but most importantly, help you to trust yourself as you grow professionally and emotionally.  My hope is to share my excitement of this learning with you.

Group Supervision:
Group supervision provides you with a few more sets of lenses through which to see you clients.  We discuss cases and any topics related to your growth as a therapist.  My hope is that the group will increase your self awareness as to what may come up for you in your work with your clients.  Together we will create an environment of safety where vulnerabilities can be shared and strengths built upon.  We will learn, teach one another  and have some fun along the way.

So whether you prefer individual or group supervision, you will find a safe environment to bring the concerns you may have a a therapist, your work with clients or any professional issues. A safe, relaxed and introspective environment is at the heart of this process.

To contact me for either group or individual supervision for therapists you can email me or give me a call at 646-483-7984.

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