“Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.” Joseph Campbell

“Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.”

                                                   Joseph Campbell

We all stumble.  We are all in possession of those deeper places of fear, doubt, what seems unbearable or unsayable.  It is our innate instinct to protect ourselves from these feelings.  To distract ourselves or push them away to be replaced with better feelings.  Our brains are programmed to do exactly that.

Joseph Campbell offers an interesting and exciting invitation to us all.  To stop and take notice of those places where we stumble.  To slow down and visit with them instead of running past.  To get to know them, spend some time.  Because it is in those places that promise to hold our greatest treasures.

This can feel like a daunting task,  to say the least.  But I believe these parts are trying to communicate to us some greatness within ourselves.  In therapy, through partnership and a unique connectedness,  we work together to deepen your inner life, make what seems unbearable, bearable, or what feels unsayable, sayable.  We get to know  those treasures that lay within.

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